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 Equity, Safety and Empathy 

I've spent the last 14 years as a parent. I lead my children with their safety and happiness at the forefront of my mind. My leadership as a parent is the kind of leadership you can expect from me as a sitting school board member. I will lead with the best interests of all of our students in mind; specifically our Black, Brown, Undocumented, Inter/ Multi-faith, and LGBTQIA+ students. 

Our schools are long overdue for representation that puts them first. There's an old saying that high tides raise all ships. As the tides turn we must rise above to ensure that the school is the second safest place for our students. Safety has multiple meanings to people and our students are no different. We must empower, support, and protect our students and teachers alike. 

Not only am I a parent but I have been a single mom and currently a working-class parent with a disability. I know what it means to struggle. I know that working-class folks need better wages and benefits, including our teachers and school staff. I plan to be a champion for our teachers and staff by centering their needs to inform my decisions as a school board member. 

Making sure that parents have someone to turn to and someone who will listen when others have ignored or overlooked them is one of my top priorities. I can share in the experience of raising my voice on important issues in our schools, just to be shut down because there are no sitting board members who share my values. We can change this, together. 

Education is about addition, not subtraction. We should all be working to find ways to add to the enrichment and knowledge of our children.   

Questions and Answers:

Mandatory Masking? 

In certain circumstances, requiring our students, teachers, and staff to wear masks on the bus and in the schools is absolutely necessary. I also believe that with enough thoughtfulness and effort parents, teachers, staff and students can collectively determine the metrics for that requirement. Two years ago, one year ago, it was necessary, at this particular moment, not so much.

Book Bans? 

Absolutely not. Book bans are nothing more than an assault on our children, free speech, and a movement against LGBTQAI+, Black, and Brown students. I support the agency, existence, and identity of all children. They are not pawns or disposable and we have a duty to protect them. It is sad to see a resurgence of this, you would have thought we would have left this kind of behavior in Nazi Germany. 

Prayer in schools? 

This is a Supreme Court decision but here is my opinion. Schools should be welcoming for ALL of our students. Not just the students who subscribe to the majority religious group in any given area. This requires a great deal of intentionality. If we cannot create an intentional environment where we are welcoming and observing all major religious holidays including those who do not practice religion at all. 

Mandatory Vaccines? 

As a family that cannot vaccinate for medical reasons, it seems that it's best to leave medical decisions up to families and their doctors in the event of actual medical interventions and procedures. I am a firm believer in bodily autonomy. However, I think that families who want to vaccinate should have unfettered access to do so. 

Can Trans kids use bathrooms or play sports according to their gender identity? 

Yes. Unequivocally. We saw this kind of segregation in the Jim Crow era, it's been grossly repackaged to prey on yet another marginalized group. Again, I support the agency, existence, and identity of all people. Especially our youth who are at greater risk of suicide if they're not supported by their families and peers. 

Critical Race Theory? 

CRT is not and has never been taught in public schools at the middle or high school level. 

Black Lives Matter?

Black Lives Matter is more than just an organization. It's a calling card, a plea, a cry. I support the movement for Black Lives. I support our Black students, parents, teachers, and staff. I support the fight for racial equity. It's my personal mission to uplift and amplify the experiences of those most impacted by systemic racism. 

Do I support a living wage?

Most definitely. That's just the minimum. I want to see our teachers and staff adequately supported. I believe our town board of aldermen and our school board alike can do more to encourage state legislatures to put more money into education and improve the quality of life for those who support our community and students so much. 

What keeps our kids safe? 

I am a huge proponent of proactive safety. Especially when it comes to our youth. Creating environments where punitive, punishment methods are not a first response, but instead, a community of  love and empathy is my life's goal. We need more counselors. We need better healthcare. We need to make sure students have stable housing and are well nourished. Safety isn't just about removing threats of harm. It's about creating a community of care to stop harm in its tracks. Supporting the whole family is one of the best ways to keep our students safe. 

Did I miss anything? Do you still have questions? Contact me on Facebook, contact me here or email me! 

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