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Hi, I'm Chelsea

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I come from the South and am proud of it. I was born in Kentucky but I've lived in Tennessee as long as I can remember. I moved to Collierville when I was 11 and in the 7th grade. I attended both Collierville Middle and Collierville High, as did my husband. Collierville Schools are some of the best in the state, there's no question about that. That's why we're here! But we agree that there's room for improvement. 


I attended community college as a single mom. With the help and support of my loving family I was able to obtain an associates degree in science. While I was in college I waited tables and did some gig work in events which led to a thriving career in sales and events. For the last several years I have been an event planner and worked for many names you would recognize. ​I'm so proud of what I have accomplished. In 2019 I was hired by a nonprofit organization in Memphis to create a leadership training program for professionals. When Covid-19 hit that changed everything. 


Community activism, advocacy, and organizing aren't activities I just jumped into. I have been supporting families and mothers alike for nearly a decade. I have led various fundraising efforts, as well as specific needs-based events to meet the needs of our neighbors where systems have failed them. Some of these occasions include paying for someone's electricity bills that are past due, getting teachers supplies to keep their classrooms clean during the pandemic, and helping parents find stable housing away from their abusers. This is a collective effort. I am immensely privileged to be loved and trusted by a community that supports the need when the call is made. 

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